Pizza Hut Spring Fling

For those who didn’t know, I’m also a foodie and would love to write about my food experiences. I realized that I didn’t write any material on food yet, so why not write something about it now!

I recently switched my office so, these new colleagues of mine love to go to Pizza Hut. Honestly, I had stopped going there for a while now but due to peer pressure one has to eventually go to a certain places. It came to my surprise that their quality has gotten better than what it used to be in the past few years. We tried the 200/head lunch deal which had a personal pan pizza, a drink and 2 pieces of garlic bread which was good enough to fill our tummies.

Later, in the same month, I was invited by some of the friends to attend this #SpringFling meetup organized by Pizza Hut.


It revolved around a few deals introduced for Spring season. They had reasonable deals which were priced around Rs.1000 each. We had ordered Fling 1 which was a better deal for us.


Believe you me, the quality of their food has revived and each and everything was fresh and hot.

The garlic breads were crispy and aromatic with the right balance of herb sauce and butter.



The pizzas didn’t have an overdose of cheese or lack of chicken chunks. They were substantial this time around!


The same spring fling deal that we had ordered had 1 brownie too mentioned in the list. At first I had my doubts about the brownie, as in how could just 1 brownie be sufficient for 4 people as it’s a deal for 4 people, but then when it actually came, the platter was generous enough to please 4 people. The brownie was soft, moist, warm and above all gooey to fill us all up.


Later, one of my friends ordered this new drink that was there in their menu for quite some time now ‘Size Does Matter’. This drink was as lovely to consume as it was to be seen. One Humongous and heavy Ice cream Drink which I’d want to title as “Faluda with a modern twist”. It was truly a treat to our taste buds.

20140315_181922    Size Does Matter!

We got some exclusive book marks for attending this event.


I guess this kind of meet up was mandatory as it again opened up my gateway to go to Pizza Hut in the near future. This meet up proved that Pizza Hut is an economical option for us as the per head rate for Spring Fling deals is Rs. 250. Guess what happened during the following week? I ended up visiting their Zamzama Branch  and tried out some of their new menu items (limited time offer). So, brace yourselves…another review will follow soon!


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