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Choose Products suited for your Skin type

Hello ladies! As promised, I’ve done a little bit of the leftover homework on the skin care regimen according to different skin types. I’ve been a fan of Clean and Clear’s products and every time they come up with a new variant, I try using it if it suits my skin and it did but mind you I have a combination skin, I used the oily skin product, and it sure was powerful. I gave it to my sister then as it was being too good to me. 😛

As mentioned in my earlier blog post, I’ve proposed a few products according to different skin types from Clean and Clear’s Arabia range. I got these products as a gift from one of my friends in Dubai which I distributed among my friends that suited each of our skin types. But I kept 2 of them for my skin. The oily and the combination skin products. I assure you they’ve helped us all. You’ve got to be really sure of using the right product as it might act harshly on your skin.

Different types of skin demands different types of skin care products and makeup. Choose product suited for your skin and you will experience how your skin becomes more balanced, controllable and left cleaner, fresher and beautiful just – as you deserve.

Products for normal skin


If you have a normal skin, you don’t need as much to treat it as those with one of the four other skin types. Still, you need to do the basic care as you for example want to reduce and prevent wrinkles and generally to keep it normal. Products designed for oily skin will be too drying for you, but products designed for dry skin will on the other hand be too greasy. That being said, you have the freedom to choose among a huge range of different products. Things you need to do is of course to by a cleanser to remove your makeup every evening and crème to moisten your skin on a daily basis.

Products for combination skin


As you experience both dry and shine skin, you need products that counters both excess oil and soothes irritated and dry skin. Spot-treat your skin in a way that you choose different products on different parts of your face, such as oil-absorbing products for your T-zone and lotion for the drier parts of your face.

Products for oily skin


The first step in caring for your oily skin is to take a look at your current skin care products. As this skin type can be a little bit difficult to control, you’ve probably already experimented with a lot of different products only to find that some of them are too harsh for your skin and others can’t control the oil. Choose product with shine control such as the ones offered by Clean & Clear suited for oily skin. When cleansing your skin, use a water-soluble cleanser, an alcohol-free toner and exfoliate with a product containing salicylic acid, also known as BHA. (Too much of technical information 😛 )

One of my friends tried using this product before she analyzed her skin and it made her skin extra dry as this product is for oily skin and she had a combination skin. So please, get the right products as there’s a reason they are made for various skin types and they actually work.

A small tip to follow if you are wearing makeup; never go for a foundation with oil and try to stick to powder and blush if possible.

Products for dry skin


The easy fix for treating dry skin would be to apply heave moisturizers several times a day. While this may show positive results in the short run, it will only decrease the skin’s production of oil even further and make you more reliable on skin care products in the long run. Instead, use a proper facial wash 1-2 times a day, followed by a moisturizer and daily cream. Most importantly, never forget to use a night cream before going to bed as dry skin needs extra moisture than other skin types. No matter what kind of skin products you use, always go after the ones containing oil.

Products for sensitive skin


Sensitive skin is called sensitive skin for a reason. The wrong products can be really bad and have the risk of messing up your skin even further. Be careful with the products you use on your skin and look for soap-free and fragrance-free labels on all of your products with no exceptions. Before committing yourself to a product, you should always start by testing in for a two weeks period. When choosing makeup, go for products containing moisturizer, BB or CC cream, those with low pigment and which contain sun protection.

I hope I’ve covered most of the essential elements of various skin types. If you’ve missed out my previous blog, do read it here


Suave Professionals – Sleek Conditioner (For Dry or Frizzy Hair)


When it comes to a girl’s beauty, I believe hair is one of the most important features. Do you guys agree with me or not? Anyway, when I’m asked about hair care products, I’m really particular about them. This time around, I visited Imtiaz Supermarket for some quick groceries and there I found this amazing little hair conditioner from Suave Professionals’ Salon Collection; Sleek Hair Conditioner for Dry or Frizzy Hair. I thought of giving it a try since its bottle caught my attention and I ended up buying it.

???????????????????????????????  Check out this bottle…Unique shape

It came to my surprise that this product worked wonders on my hair so much so that it gave a nice fluffy look to it. It was good enough to keep my hair untied and go to office that way only. To add more, it kept my hair tangle free for quite some time. I didn’t require any hair serum or anything to give my hair a smooth look as this conditioner did so, all by itself. I used it during the month of October and ever since then I’ve become a loyal buyer of this conditioner. It has worked for me during all this time, but now I’ll be checking it out during Summers as to how much it works. Let me tell you my hair during Summer is really unpredictable and frizzy to a great extent.

The display below provides you a clear picture of the post wash look where I got my hair washed with the conditioner and with no conditioner at all during Winter (which is comparatively settled).

frizzy  frizz 2 Without Conditioner

20140224_110052 20140224_094743  With Conditioner

You can guess it all by yourself. If you use a straightener, your hair gets flat but this conditioner gave a nice bouncy look to my hair.  For an office going person like me, I don’t have the time to wake up in the morning and straighten my hair or blow dry ’em, but this conditioner served the purpose. I just ❤ this inexpensive product. It costed me Rs. 250

How to stop choosing the wrong products for your skin

Image Source: Pinterest

So ladies, today I thought I should give my writing variety a new twist and also talk about some personal care tips and products. I’m starting with some of the skin care information which would then be followed by a few product recommendations.

Like we all know, most women choose their makeup and skin care products based on recommendations from friends or someone whom they trust rather than an ad. There’s a great reason to that as consumers worldwide love to recommend products they like and I read it somewhere that 70% of consumers trust brand recommendations from their reference groups; immediate friends circle or relatives.

But I believe that’s not the case when it comes to your skin, it can sometimes be a bit tricky to choose products because of your friends’ experiences with them. What types of skin products you need depends solely on your skin type and not what your friends like.

Choosing product without knowing your skin type can easily intensify the skin issues you have with your skin instead of getting rid of them. You will need to be very lucky to choose the best suited products for your skin if you don’t know why, how and why you use them. Don’t rely on coincidences! Get to know your skin type and you will know which products to use for your skin – the only way to get the skin you want.

For e.g. I know a few friends who’ve gotten confused if their skin is oily or combination and they end up buying the oil free face wash or scrubs which eventually dry out their skin with visible skin flakes, post usage.

So here’s a basic review of how one could know his/her skin type and choose products accordingly and intelligently.

Get to know your skin type
Knowing your skin type is essential to make a right decision about the right skin care suitable for your particular needs. Start by feeling your face and you will get to know its characteristics while learn what to look for from the information below.

 Characteristics of normal skin
You should be very fortunate if you have a normal skin type. A normal skin is something that around 70% of all women has and which is characterized by not being too dry or too oily; it just looks and feels quite normal. It has no or few imperfections, barely visible pores and you rarely feel that you need to treat your skin to absorb more and neither you need to use powder during the day to minimize any visible shining areas. Last but not least, you will know that you have a dry skin if people often tell you that they wished they had a skin like yours. Lucky you!

Characteristics of combination skin
A combination skin share both characteristics from dry skin and oily skin, especially when it comes to facial areas. If you have a combination skin, you will typically find dry areas around your cheeks and oily areas on your nose and forehead, also called the “T-zone”. Combination skin is one of the most normal skin types, where you besides a shiny skin also produce overly dilated pores and blackheads.

Characteristics of oily skin
Nobody likes a shiny face. The good thing about oily skin though, is that it ages a lot better than for example dry skin as the overproduction of oil in the skin allows fewer wrinkles to occur. Many women and especially young women deal with oily skin, though most of them will feel that their skin becomes drier as they get older. To recognize if you have oily skin, you can start by using a tissue and place it on your face, to see if it will be left will oils.

Characteristics of dry skin
If you have a dry skin, you will experience how it easily can crack and become irritated and itchy. As other skin types, dry skin is usually caused by genetic factors, though it also can occur or get worse due to external factors such as aging and hormonal changes. What you can do yourself to take better care of your dry skin is among other things to take shorter showers, avoid too much sun and wear gloves as you do the households.

Characteristics of sensitive skin
The sensitive skin type doesn’t have a formal medical definition, but surveys show that many women suffer from this skin type and that that almost 50% of the women having problems with sensitive skin, also have dry skin. 25% ofthose within this category report that they react to cosmetic products such as fragrances, which makes sensitive skin one of the most challenging to handle and treat.

I hope now you could relate to what skin type you actually own and get stuff accordingly. Be easy on your skin as it’s delicate and an important secret of your beauty. Next, I’m gonna be writing about a few products that my friends and I have gotten to know about recently.