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So, during the past week, a group of bloggers including me, were invited to Dove’s Global launch event related to their “Dove Patches” campaign. Talking about their old campaigns, one of my favorite ones was their “Our perception of beauty is distorted”.  And this time around, Dove again brought forward a thoughtful campaign.

The main idea behind this entire launch by Dove was to instigate the belief of feeling “beautiful” from within.  It was a New Social Experiment that Illustrated the Ongoing Conflict Women Have with Recognizing their Beauty. 

Dove revealed that an alarming 80% of women feel hesitant to share the way they look, the study highlights how the right state of mind can unlock the powerful feeling of beauty that lives inside majority of women.

This launch event was held at the Verde Bistro Cafe to illustrate this Social Experiment. 1538890_707429355947099_1387550601695176178_n

Guess who was the host of the event?? Our very own elegant @saramuzzammil


The results are documented in the short film Dove: Patches on dove.pk/patches The documentary was revealed globally in 58 countries including Pakistan.  I was glad to see quite a lot of fellow bloggers and Twitterati there as it was a nice event to socialize with them.


The Dove: Patches experiment was guided by psychologist and New York Times best-selling author, Dr. Ann Kearney-Cooke (Ph.D., Counseling Psychology)

You can watch the Dove Patches Video here:

Dove: Patches from Dove Pakistan on Vimeo.

So, did you notice the message throughout the Dove: Patches film? It revealed that”Beauty is a State of Mind”.  It becomes clear how low self-esteem affects many elements of the women’s lives.  As the women become more confident about the way they look, feel personal relationships flourish and they develop a more optimistic outlook on their daily life.

Towards the end of the event, there were a few activities lined up like a Twitter quiz, A Selfie contest while incorporating the hashtag #BeautyIs and mentioning @DovePakistan profile in the responses and some prop photography with positive supportive statements with the #BeautyIs.


Attendees of the event are participating in the Twitter contest!

1010719_707440709279297_9198328276161812739_n  @rabeeyah and a fellow blogger

971362_707441315945903_3688481285785973099_n #beautyis watching her excitement of winning the last voucher!

10155231_707441405945894_5517460705177107656_n  Debenhams Voucher

1017163_707441735945861_1165853063771427651_n   Selfie Contest – Selfie Maniacs

@auradil @saramuzzammil @amk @anushehshahid

My favourite activity of that evening


734534_707437662612935_1482800152137744187_n   @Anushehshahid @mahaasif1013563_707436902613011_2159448409122808704_n  @harimirchein and I10002950_707441829279185_5991999098850829_n  #BeautyIs prop photography

The quiz included a total of 10 questions which was based on tweeting the fastest correct answer with the desired hashtag. It was a fun-filled activity. The winners were given a valuable Rs.1000 voucher of Debenhams. Luckily, I was one of the lucky 10 winners who was able to score one voucher.

At the end of the event, we all were given free Dove giveaways to make us feel beautiful and confident. The giveaway basket included Dove’s Shampoo, Dove’s Conditioner, Dove’s Bar and some chocolates to nibble on and feel beautiful along with another Debenhams voucher.

1977353_707442319279136_5785585813029677739_n #BeautyIs Exclusive Dove Giveaways

To sum it up, when women look and feel their best, they feel happier, and Dove believes it is important for women to see the beauty in themselves so that they can inspire the next generation.  The brand has set a goal of reaching 15 million young lives with self-esteem programming by the end of 2015 and has reached over 12 million to date.

So, if you’re a core believer of Dove’s initiative, join the conversation by using #BeautyIs on Twitter and Facebook to become a part of this beautiful campaign thereby showing your support for it.


Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure – So Much Fawn


So..I’ve been really occupied with my work lately due to which I’ve ignored my baby for long enough! But not any more, I’m coming up with another post about a sultry nail color. Basically, I got the much awaited Sally Hansen nail color from one of the Pakistani beauty pages;  NY The World of Makeup. I’ve always wanted to try it out as there’s decent fan following of it.

Starting off with the nail color bottle, it surely is a unique one. For me, it was a “love at first sight” situation. Coming down to the quality of the brush applicator, it was amazing and wide enough to cover almost 3/4th of the nail in just one coat. Its brush has a round curvy shape which makes it easier to apply.

Sally-Hansen-Complete-Salon-Manicure-Brush This image was taken off from Google

I bought this shade named as “So much fawn” which is neither fawn nor pink nor peach. It’s a nice milky brown sort of shade which has hues of tea pink color.

20140224_222358  With Flash

20140315_155617  Without Flash

Moving forward, the quality of this product is a really big turn off! I was not expecting it to be chipping the next day where it says it’s a complete salon look. I was disappointed because, this color gets dried up quickly as compared to others but the chipping story was pure disgust.

The next time I tried a top coat along with it but even it didn’t give me as good results, considering it kept the color intact for 2 days.  It’s a good brand with decent pricing but the long lasting quality of our local brands is much much better than this.

20140225_210840 Day 2 and the color has gotten chipped from the tips with Top Coat

Maybelline Lasting Drama Eye Studio Gel Liner – Brown


Talking about eye liners, I’ve always been a fan of long lasting eye liners as my lids are oily and the liner ends up disappearing from my eye. Therefore, I either look for crayon based liners and for some odd reason I don’t like liquid eye liners. But this time around, I got this Maybelline Lasting Drama Eye Studio Gel Liner from one of my really good friends as my birthday present.

I was really happy as it was a gift with some thought put in place. She gifted me a brown eye liner, which I’ve never had and I had plans of buying a brown one for a change. I was really bored of blacks.

DSC05181 DSC05176

Anyway, coming down to the product description (do I not sound like a freelance writer at the moment? :P) This product comes in a cute little pot along with a nice brush for that great precision which you are not able to get from an eye liner pencil. I was always skeptical about using a brush eye liner as the fear of unstable hands prevailed. But believe you me, once when I applied on my eye lid and I felt as if it was as easy as pie.

???????????????????????????????   ???????????????????????????????

24 with Flash

My hand had some sort of magical powers or was it the brush’s flawless shape that made it easy peasy for me. Be it any style, thin, winged or cat eyes, this brush will make it all possible for you. 🙂

   ???????????????????????????????  ???????????????????????????????

saa With Flash

This product has a nice dark chocolate brown result with a little bit of shimmery tinge in it to give your eyes a perfect glam look. 😉 So, be bold and wear it on any occasion. Get noticed and make him fall for you! 😉

Don’t fret that brush is just like a magical wand and let the beauty lie in the eyes of the beholder 😉

Garnier BB Cream


I noticed that I haven’t written much about the face category. So, I thought about writing one today. Basically, I had heard mixed reviews about these BB Creams that various brands are offering. So, this curiosity led me to get my hands on one of the BB Creams. I was visiting a super market where my eyes caught the attention of Garnier’s BB Cream, produced in India. The packaging said it’s a Light Shade that has undertones of yellow.

???????????????????????????????    ???????????????????????????????

I must tell you, it was a good decision made by me as it turned out to be too good for me. It comes in a nice tube with a nozzle neck which makes it easier to apply directly on the face. During the winter season, it gave me a nice glow and coverage, so much so that my office colleagues asked me for this prominent change.I really didn’t use anything else on my face except for blush. But I’m starting to have this feeling that if I want to stick to this product during Summers, I’ll have to seal it up with a little bit of face powder so that my skin doesn’t get oily during the day.

DSC05005    DSC05008

You can look at the result of this product, my skin is dull and where I’ve applied the BB cream swatch, it has a gleaming look.

DSC05015 DSC05016

??????????????????????????????? Final Result. Look at the visible difference. There are 2 tones. one on the left is without the application whereas, the right side is the one with application.

Another thing I really love about this product is its versatility. I can even use it during evening makeup or casual dinners with some patting of face powder in order to enhance it and voila; it gives your face a nice fair look with pink undertones.

It costed me PKR 399 which is pretty reasonable. If I get a chance to buy the Indian version again, I’d love to do so. I don’t think I’d be able to buy the local version now since I’ve had a nice experience with this Indian one.

My Favorite Reds in Lipcolors

20140111_135127  20140215_232701 runway

As promised earlier, I am finally sharing a post on my favorite picks of red colored lipsticks. All 3 are of different color appearances, textures and purposes. Let’s name our 3 heroes; Maybelline Super Stay 24hr “Cherry Pie” , MUA Power Pout “Runway” and Color Studio “Bombshell”.

Starting from MUA Power Pout, the shade Runway is a nice day and evening wear moisturizing tinted lip balm to give your lips an orangish red look. One of the downside of this product is the product durability within the packaging, which is below par; hence I wouldn’t want to own it again despite loving its versatility as even after being removed from your lips, one could see light shades of its tint.


Coming next is Color Studio’s Bombshell which is a bright red lipstick. Its vibrant appearance makes it a perfect evening and night party kind of shade. It’s going to rock your black colored dress for sure. This product doesn’t have any downsides.


20140215_232701       20140215_232558

Last but not the least, Maybelline’s SuperStay 24hr “Cherry Pie” is an amazing rich red color which I’d like to call as wine red rather than cherry red. It’s a really deep red shade which is perfect to complement your light eyes make up which one could wear at a wedding.


One of the downsides of this product is its dryness, despite having a lip-balm attached to it, the product just keeps drying up with the sensation of tiny flakes on one’s lips. However, the promise of being a super stay product is real as it’s really hard to get this product off, of your lips.

A final comparison of all 3 shades is displayed below


Essie – Footloose


We all have a friend in our social circle that is either crazy about Mascaras or Kajal or some other beauty product. For me, I’d say I have similar feelings for nail colors. I anxiously used to wait for Essie’s launch as I was always inspired by their amazing pallet. I have a thing for purples, blues and corals, so I knew it from the beginning which shades I’d be trying out during my first attempt.

I went to the salon and I knew it even before swatching it. I asked for Foot Loose and when I tried it on my pinky, it felt as if I found true love for my nails. It was a moment of pure ecstasy of getting my nails done with a shade which has hues of pink and purple mixed together.

Here you go, find below the display in daylight.


It came to my surprise that this color came as Hot Pink in broad daylight whereas, the real color of this nail color is shown in the image below.

fooots The actual color

20130908_165708 With Flash

So if you’re looking forward to make your hands look sexier and fairer than the usual skin tone, do go for Footloose and you won’t be disappointed at all. You can take my word for it. Everyone in my office, friends’ group and even the other people at the salon complimented my nail color and asked which shade is it. I was compelled to buy this shade. Essie could be bought from their partnered salons at the price of Rs. 750 –  Rs. 850.

L’Oreal Glam-Shine Gloss Brilliance

By now, all of my readers must have learnt this by heart that I am an advocate of long lasting quality beauty products. That’s why I keep on experimenting beauty products even before buying it by using their testers. I had seen advertisements of Maxfactor lip color which was water resistant and food resistant and so I was trying to find something similar that would be available locally.


I visited L’Oreal’s kiosk at the EBCO outlet at the FORUM. There I found the L’Oreal Glam Shine Gloss Brilliance with an amazing range of colors but there was one that caught my eyes i.e. shade 200. It gave a nice look to my lip which was more or less like a nice pink periwinkle color.


I knew it in my mind that I’m gonna get my hands on to this shade but unfortunately, I couldn’t find a fresh piece of the same shade since L’Oreal is discontinuing this product and so the likelihood was low. I kept on hunting for the same shade at Scentsation and other outlets and luckily I found it at EBCO only after 3 months of my hunt. Now you all can imagine how much crazy I must have been for this one little magical product.

Coming down to the beauty of this product, it does stay on for long and for even better results, I use it along with a complementing lip color to enhance the lasting results. Be it water, food or washing your face this product doesn’t go off unless you use a makeup remover or moisturizer. So ladies, you all can take advantage of this product as it’s about to be discontinued and has amazing variety of colors and it does last more than 6 hours with or without food.

Shown below is the Before and After look:


I like to wear this lip gloss during night events and weddings as it gives a sheer touch to your lips and who wouldn’t want to pout their lips to attract some attention? 😉 It costed around Rs. 1200, I’ve been using it for more than 2 years now and the container is still half full.

But seriously, sometimes I wonder why would L’Oreal discontinue an amazing product like this when it has amazing technology invested in it and a strong customer base, due to which the most demanded colors go out of stock. 

Lipstick Disaster

Ok ladies I’ve been trying to write up my heart out about certain lip wears of a particular brand. Surprisingly, it didn’t serve me well and that also twice! That brand is famous for manufacturing affordable replicas of renowned brands. Yes, you’ve guessed it right, it’s MUA. Personally, I really like the brand when I come to think of their offerings and the approach they take. But when it came to the quality, I am so sorry to tell you guys, it sucked big time for me.


In the past, I had bought MUA’s power pout’s “Runway” which didn’t keep me much delighted. The approach was “the product’s versatility and the color, both were beautiful but when the quality is not good, everything goes down the drain.” My power pout had a terrible meltdown effect as it probably didn’t suit Karachi or as a matter of fact Pakistan’s climate which eventually got broken.

Later on, I gave it a thought that sometimes luck is not on your side when you’re shopping for the items that are on your wish list. So, let’s give MUA’s lip wear another chance. My sister and I ordered 3 shades of MUA’s lipsticks; one was red, one sweet pink and the last one had a transparent pink tint to it. This time around, it wasn’t luck but plain truth that the quality lip colors sucked big time.

???????????????????????????????    ???????????????????????????????     ???????????????????????????????

The  shades were awesome but the texture was so soft that it started melting while applying it that also during the Winter season which was an explanation in itself of how would it survive in the hot and humid weather of Karachi. It was seriously a Déjà vu situation. I was embarrassed and infuriated as I gifted it to my little sister and she wasn’t happy as well.

DSC04830  Swatches of all 3 shades

It’s my honest advice to everyone to think a 100 times before you intend to buy MUA’s lipsticks as they’re smudgy thereby, making the lipstick run down all the way to the zone below your lower lip and you’d end up looking like a joker. Hence, I’ve not shared the lip swatches as they were horrible. I mean local lipsticks like Medora and Swiss Miss have a better texture and compatibility with our climate but MUA’s lipsticks were a total disaster.

??????????????????????????????? DSC04817

It’s just that I am truly disappointed at the outcome of their lipsticks but it doesn’t mean I don’t like their other products. Consequently, I’m still a fan of their lip gloss, undress me highlighter and eye shade dupes.

Baby Lips Winter Meetup by Maybelline New York Pakistan

Before we say farewell to the Winter season, how is it possible for us not to learn a few warm Winter looks?  Thanks to Maybelline New York Pakistan, for organizing the “Baby Lips” Winter Meet up at the Pink Cadillac Café.  It was basically a beauty bloggers’ event, perfectly designed for them to socialize with each other. The event’s setup was cool with a bright backdrop of Baby Lips and a few carved structures shaped just like the Baby Lips’ SKU placed at different corners of the cafe. Moreover, there was a perfect Maybelline New York dressing table which had their products displayed and its purpose was to showcase the same products to be used by one of the renowned makeup artists.

quenched   pink   cherry me

The highlight of the event was 3 warm and fuzzy winter looks created by the mainstream makeup artist, none other than “Rana Khan”.  The models were 2 bloggers and 1 facebook fan who were awarded to get the winter make over. The 3 looks included ‘Spring Fiesta Look’, ‘Smoky Eye Evening Look’ and the ‘Modern 60’s Look’

IMG_4465 Spring Fiesta

IMG_4452 Smoky Eye Evening

Semi preparations of these models’ makeup i.e. Hair, Nails and Base was conducted at Rana Khan’s salon whereas, the finished look with eye detailing, blush and lip color was done at the event exclusively by Rana Khan with Maybelline’s popular products. For eyes, Maybelline Eye Bake Studio cakes and Color Tattoo’s shades was used for highlighting. The lips were done by the popular Color Sensational lipsticks. To check out their complete look; visit: https://www.facebook.com/MaybellineNewYork.Pakistan

Since Maybelline’s Baby Lips is the hero of this year’s winter season’s lip care products, the event also included bloggers’ preferred choice amongst the variants of Baby Lips. Guess what? The most preferred variant by various other bloggers was “Pink Punch” followed by “Cherry Me” and then Quenched.

The refreshments were served which included a scrumptious menu with Quesadillas, Chicken Tenders, Chicken Nuggets, Samosas, Rolls, Potato Salad, Pink Lemonades and Plain cakes.

refreh Pink Lemonade

The contents of goodie bags are displayed in the picture below; 1 Maybelline Baby Lips Mug, 2 coasters,  1 Baby Lips Quenched variant along with the tutorial booklet and a Maybelline Makeup Pouch.


The climax of the event involved distribution of goodie bags along with the final thank you speech by the Product manager Wafa from L’Oreal Pakistan. Overall, the event was great as it gave the beauty bloggers yet another reason to mingle with each other thereby, getting firsthand experience of makeup artists like Rana Khan and the likes.

The Baby Lips booklet included the following tips and visuals which might be useful for my readers. Hope you all will like it.

20140129_010044  Some Useful Tips

20140129_010011  Get the Barely There Look20140129_005921  Baby Lips Nurture

cool  Lip Personalities

Bourjois Volume Clubbing Ultra Black Mascara


Mascaras have always been my love only for weddings or night parties where I can have a glam look to my eyes. I usually avoid wearing Mascara during day or normal events as I have really nice curvy lashes naturally. So, whenever I feel like giving my eyes a little bit of volume, that is the time when I wear Mascara.

I usually like Maybelline New York as it’s a brand of Mascaras and offers a wide range of great mascaras (based on my observation and opinion). However, for a change, recently I tried this Bourjois’ Volume Clubbing Ultra Black Mascara which was gifted to me by one of my good friends and it came out just OK.


It gave my eyes a nice look but it might not be suitable for quite a lot of females as it has a thick texture and the result was a thick heavy lash rather than giving it a long lash look. At first, you’d think that perhaps, the liquid has gotten dried up, but that’s not the case. It was difficult for me to apply as it was a bit too clumpy. Its clots were making it difficult for me to apply it properly on the lash. Moreover, it even made my lash go a bit lower in the opposite direction rather than lifting it up. So, if you’re thinking it’ll give you a long lash look too, you’re mistaken.

Below is a visual reference of the look I had after applying it. I personally don’t like applying mascara on the lower lash, hence the lower lash is as it is.


I like Mascaras that give a long yet a little uplift look. I don’t believe in overusing mascaras like Falsies, that just create long lashes, thereby giving your eyes a fake look. I’ve heard some nice reviews about Bourjois as a brand but this one didn’t amuse me much. But at the same time now, I am curious to try their other products if their products are worth buying or is it just the hype that has gotten PR traction!

Till then speak with your eyes which your lips can’t! 😉