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The Evolution of Emerging Talent through Bayl’s Imagination


Have you ever wondered what’s more important for a creative person to showcase his creations; Talent, Capital or an Association with a renowned name to leverage their potential skills?

Sadly, we’re living in a world where our perceptions matter more than our instincts and eventually we end up opting for the things that have a face value or for branded labels which can be flaunted in the society. In other words, we are all victims of Branding gimmicks.

Ever since I was a business student, I did entrepreneurial term projects with the concept of promoting the emerging and talented designers as the potential in this category was  immense. I’d say it was the peak time when a remarkable segment of youth was getting enrolled in various fashion designing schools. But everyone realized that they’d be struggling when they’d hit the ruthless markets to start up their own fashion line. Hence, the designers in the making always aspired to get associated with a known Mentee who could guide them all the way or to get themselves enrolled in the internship or project based jobs with a leading designer brand.

But everyone isn’t lucky to land themselves the required exposure or collaboration as they didn’t have any prior rapport or sources. Considering this era certain individuals stepped up to polish this emerging talent and highlight their strengths and capabilities by providing them mentoring opportunities.


One of the recent individuals is Rabayl Mirza who plans to promote the young Pakistani fashion designers who have an edge over others, to help them find their way to the global markets. Her forte is Fashion, Fashion and Fashion.


She has rightfully understood the importance of highlighting Pakistani talent by providing the right platform to some of the ingenious designers for their publicity and that it’s the youth who’d live tomorrow and continue the legacy of this Fashion Industry.

10341530_544507975653080_1018274439077133351_n     10312529_544508002319744_1667695849764372087_n

In my opinion, it’s a good initiative whereby, she understands that a Creative person doesn’t work with criticism and rejection as it may obstruct their thinking and their talents might go to waste so she has a very positive and encouraging approach. I’m really excited to know what they have in store. Being a plus size person, I’ve started to think perhaps they’d bring a revolutionary change to the clothing options they bring to the table, as I’m sick and tired of the petite sizes. Every time, I visit a boutique or a designer outlet I am unable to find myself a pre-made dress.


Their website www.bayl.co  is not yet launched. However, I have big expectations from them as I’ve seen some of the designs from their Facebook page Bayl and I am already flabbergasted!  With such potential, tapping into the international market isn’t too unrealistic of a goal.

10153642_534472779989933_8729316368262969476_n  1975237_531829506920927_7393287656259179518_n

I am excited for something really interesting and I just hope it’s as exciting as their current Facebook offerings in order to avoid consumer expectancy disgust. I would want to wish RabaylMirza a very Good Luck for this endeavor.

Lastly, I want to convey a message to them phuleazzzzz create some ready to wear plus sizes for people like me!

PS: I’m a big fan of Forever 21 for their offerings of the plus sizes!


Bourjois Volume Clubbing Ultra Black Mascara


Mascaras have always been my love only for weddings or night parties where I can have a glam look to my eyes. I usually avoid wearing Mascara during day or normal events as I have really nice curvy lashes naturally. So, whenever I feel like giving my eyes a little bit of volume, that is the time when I wear Mascara.

I usually like Maybelline New York as it’s a brand of Mascaras and offers a wide range of great mascaras (based on my observation and opinion). However, for a change, recently I tried this Bourjois’ Volume Clubbing Ultra Black Mascara which was gifted to me by one of my good friends and it came out just OK.


It gave my eyes a nice look but it might not be suitable for quite a lot of females as it has a thick texture and the result was a thick heavy lash rather than giving it a long lash look. At first, you’d think that perhaps, the liquid has gotten dried up, but that’s not the case. It was difficult for me to apply as it was a bit too clumpy. Its clots were making it difficult for me to apply it properly on the lash. Moreover, it even made my lash go a bit lower in the opposite direction rather than lifting it up. So, if you’re thinking it’ll give you a long lash look too, you’re mistaken.

Below is a visual reference of the look I had after applying it. I personally don’t like applying mascara on the lower lash, hence the lower lash is as it is.


I like Mascaras that give a long yet a little uplift look. I don’t believe in overusing mascaras like Falsies, that just create long lashes, thereby giving your eyes a fake look. I’ve heard some nice reviews about Bourjois as a brand but this one didn’t amuse me much. But at the same time now, I am curious to try their other products if their products are worth buying or is it just the hype that has gotten PR traction!

Till then speak with your eyes which your lips can’t! 😉