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Lovesick Passionate- Revlon Just Bitten Kissable

So the other day, I was flaunting some of my cosmetics collection to one of my friends where I was tagged as a queen of Pinks and Reds when it comes to lip colors. I gave it a thought and that’s true! I’ve always been looking for the perfect pink and red lip colors that would look best on my skin tone.

Pinks have always attracted me; be it on the brighter pink side or the subtle pink side with hues of brown, I’ve never hesitated buying one. Considering my love for the pinks, I’ve decided to share a recent hot favorite pink lip color  on my list.

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We all know about the new chubby lipsticks introduced by various brands with nice tints and so, I’m covering “Lovesick Passionate” of Revlon’s Just Bitten Kissable collection today.


I’ve never gone bold with the Pinks in my life ever but this time around I thought of going crazy with the Pinks. Hence, I got myself Lovesick Passionate as it has hues of shocking pink. The lipcolor has a beautiful tendency of changing colors. The more you apply, the better the shade becomes.

DSC05188 This is just applied once but as you go down, the intensity of the color changes. In reality, it has a nice and warm shade of pink.

??????????????????????????????? Without Flash

IMG-20140426-WA0002 With Flash

So, you can actually apply lesser for a nice day look and apply 3 to 4 coats for a sexy night look as it gives your lips a nice moisturized look. For me, it’s more of a 2 in 1 lip color as it gives my lips the look of a lip color + lip gloss finish.

This color is always in my bag and whenever I wear it, I get the compliment of carrying off a colorful look by most of my friends.  In other words, I’ve gotten love struck with this shade and it remains intact even in hot and humid weather unlike other cheap brands that fall off if not kept in refrigerator / freezer.


My Favorite Reds in Lipcolors

20140111_135127  20140215_232701 runway

As promised earlier, I am finally sharing a post on my favorite picks of red colored lipsticks. All 3 are of different color appearances, textures and purposes. Let’s name our 3 heroes; Maybelline Super Stay 24hr “Cherry Pie” , MUA Power Pout “Runway” and Color Studio “Bombshell”.

Starting from MUA Power Pout, the shade Runway is a nice day and evening wear moisturizing tinted lip balm to give your lips an orangish red look. One of the downside of this product is the product durability within the packaging, which is below par; hence I wouldn’t want to own it again despite loving its versatility as even after being removed from your lips, one could see light shades of its tint.


Coming next is Color Studio’s Bombshell which is a bright red lipstick. Its vibrant appearance makes it a perfect evening and night party kind of shade. It’s going to rock your black colored dress for sure. This product doesn’t have any downsides.


20140215_232701       20140215_232558

Last but not the least, Maybelline’s SuperStay 24hr “Cherry Pie” is an amazing rich red color which I’d like to call as wine red rather than cherry red. It’s a really deep red shade which is perfect to complement your light eyes make up which one could wear at a wedding.


One of the downsides of this product is its dryness, despite having a lip-balm attached to it, the product just keeps drying up with the sensation of tiny flakes on one’s lips. However, the promise of being a super stay product is real as it’s really hard to get this product off, of your lips.

A final comparison of all 3 shades is displayed below


MUA Power Pout Lip Balm – Runway


Talking about winters, moisturizing lip balms or tinted lip moisturizers is one of the must have beauty products in a female’s hand bag. Therefore, I got myself MUA’s Power Pout due to its much created hype.

I selected the shade “Runway” which was more like a tomato red color. I was happy to look at the product as I had gotten it ordered through an online e-commerce website where I never got to swatch the product.  The color was a perfect match for my lips. Not too bold or not too bright with a moisturizing effect. It was perfect for me to wear at office or at a casual meet-up.

20140211_221445 Perfect Red Look to my lips.

I bought this product during November (mid-summer) and unfortunately it didn’t live up to my expectations when it came to its durability. The product has an amazing shade but the quality was a big turn for me. It came to my surprise that the product couldn’t even survive the month of December and January. I was being told by people to put it inside the freezer, but why do I even have to do that? I hate doing that, as they are not travel friendly and when you keep it inside the freezer or fridge, the products get worse when they come to room temperature.

I have a mixed review about this product as it gave a nice look to my lips but the lipstick got broken entirely and I had to throw it in the trash can sadly. I was using it on daily basis and almost half of it was still left. It was yesterday I had to discard it. 

20140211_221057 Sadly, here’s a display of the broken product

Sometimes, it hurts that brands have really cool colors but then you can’t keep them for long. The bottom line is, I won’t be buying any lip product of MUA again. That’s for sure as in the past as well, their lipsticks have disappointed me big time.

Lipstick Disaster

Ok ladies I’ve been trying to write up my heart out about certain lip wears of a particular brand. Surprisingly, it didn’t serve me well and that also twice! That brand is famous for manufacturing affordable replicas of renowned brands. Yes, you’ve guessed it right, it’s MUA. Personally, I really like the brand when I come to think of their offerings and the approach they take. But when it came to the quality, I am so sorry to tell you guys, it sucked big time for me.


In the past, I had bought MUA’s power pout’s “Runway” which didn’t keep me much delighted. The approach was “the product’s versatility and the color, both were beautiful but when the quality is not good, everything goes down the drain.” My power pout had a terrible meltdown effect as it probably didn’t suit Karachi or as a matter of fact Pakistan’s climate which eventually got broken.

Later on, I gave it a thought that sometimes luck is not on your side when you’re shopping for the items that are on your wish list. So, let’s give MUA’s lip wear another chance. My sister and I ordered 3 shades of MUA’s lipsticks; one was red, one sweet pink and the last one had a transparent pink tint to it. This time around, it wasn’t luck but plain truth that the quality lip colors sucked big time.

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The  shades were awesome but the texture was so soft that it started melting while applying it that also during the Winter season which was an explanation in itself of how would it survive in the hot and humid weather of Karachi. It was seriously a Déjà vu situation. I was embarrassed and infuriated as I gifted it to my little sister and she wasn’t happy as well.

DSC04830  Swatches of all 3 shades

It’s my honest advice to everyone to think a 100 times before you intend to buy MUA’s lipsticks as they’re smudgy thereby, making the lipstick run down all the way to the zone below your lower lip and you’d end up looking like a joker. Hence, I’ve not shared the lip swatches as they were horrible. I mean local lipsticks like Medora and Swiss Miss have a better texture and compatibility with our climate but MUA’s lipsticks were a total disaster.

??????????????????????????????? DSC04817

It’s just that I am truly disappointed at the outcome of their lipsticks but it doesn’t mean I don’t like their other products. Consequently, I’m still a fan of their lip gloss, undress me highlighter and eye shade dupes.