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Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure – So Much Fawn


So..I’ve been really occupied with my work lately due to which I’ve ignored my baby for long enough! But not any more, I’m coming up with another post about a sultry nail color. Basically, I got the much awaited Sally Hansen nail color from one of the Pakistani beauty pages;  NY The World of Makeup. I’ve always wanted to try it out as there’s decent fan following of it.

Starting off with the nail color bottle, it surely is a unique one. For me, it was a “love at first sight” situation. Coming down to the quality of the brush applicator, it was amazing and wide enough to cover almost 3/4th of the nail in just one coat. Its brush has a round curvy shape which makes it easier to apply.

Sally-Hansen-Complete-Salon-Manicure-Brush This image was taken off from Google

I bought this shade named as “So much fawn” which is neither fawn nor pink nor peach. It’s a nice milky brown sort of shade which has hues of tea pink color.

20140224_222358  With Flash

20140315_155617  Without Flash

Moving forward, the quality of this product is a really big turn off! I was not expecting it to be chipping the next day where it says it’s a complete salon look. I was disappointed because, this color gets dried up quickly as compared to others but the chipping story was pure disgust.

The next time I tried a top coat along with it but even it didn’t give me as good results, considering it kept the color intact for 2 days.  It’s a good brand with decent pricing but the long lasting quality of our local brands is much much better than this.

20140225_210840 Day 2 and the color has gotten chipped from the tips with Top Coat


Alexandria – Color Studio Professional Nail Color


I am a nail color fanatic. I have started to think I should have had my blog’s name something related to nails. Aaah…just kidding!

I like dark colors in nails but who doesn’t like pretty pinks and sexy reds once in a while? I tried one of the sweet pinks recently named as Alexandria by Color Studio Professional. This shade of pink has purple hues in it and I must say it’s an amazing shade especially for yellow toned skin like mine. It made my hands look fairer by one tone.

20140212_135721       20140212_135657

Last time, I used their nail colors 14 months back and they were just fine then, but with time, they’ve improved the quality of their nail colors. The glossy effect in their nail colors along with a smoother texture is a treat to your nails. The applicator brush has also gotten softer than before thereby, giving you great application in just one go.

20140212_135648                  1392283630127 With Flash

The color is of good consistency as just one coat was good enough but I’m a person who loves doing double coat to enhance the color.  Believe you me, just one coat serves the purpose. This little hero costed me Rs.250

Essie – Footloose


We all have a friend in our social circle that is either crazy about Mascaras or Kajal or some other beauty product. For me, I’d say I have similar feelings for nail colors. I anxiously used to wait for Essie’s launch as I was always inspired by their amazing pallet. I have a thing for purples, blues and corals, so I knew it from the beginning which shades I’d be trying out during my first attempt.

I went to the salon and I knew it even before swatching it. I asked for Foot Loose and when I tried it on my pinky, it felt as if I found true love for my nails. It was a moment of pure ecstasy of getting my nails done with a shade which has hues of pink and purple mixed together.

Here you go, find below the display in daylight.


It came to my surprise that this color came as Hot Pink in broad daylight whereas, the real color of this nail color is shown in the image below.

fooots The actual color

20130908_165708 With Flash

So if you’re looking forward to make your hands look sexier and fairer than the usual skin tone, do go for Footloose and you won’t be disappointed at all. You can take my word for it. Everyone in my office, friends’ group and even the other people at the salon complimented my nail color and asked which shade is it. I was compelled to buy this shade. Essie could be bought from their partnered salons at the price of Rs. 750 –  Rs. 850.

Fifth Avenue and Tart Deco – ESSIE

It’s high time that I share my craze about nail colors with my readers. I am a person who just loves collecting nail colors or get my nails done whenever I visit a salon with bright colors and the likes.

Talking about Essie, I had received one color from my cousin who came from US. I read quite a lot of reviews about new shades getting launched globally and was wondering when it would be available in Pakistan.  I was always amused by their extensive range of color palette with so much of detailing.

fifth_avenue  tart_deco

I like to wear almost any color but my recent two favorites are Fifth Avenue and Tart Deco. I always wanted to check if red nail colors look good on my skin, but I even wanted to try a nail color which had hints of an orangy shade. Choosing the right kind of nail color has always been a tiresome job as it’s always not necessary that it would compliment your skin.


Therefore, I tried the swatch of Russian Roulette and Fifth Avenue and I knew it my preferred choice was the latter one. It is a nice mid red tone nail color which makes your hand look fairer than actual. It’s a perfect nail color to wear on special occasions or I’d say Valentine’s is near so, it’s a perfect flirty shade to seduce your partner.

IMG_20131017_002353 IMG_20131016_023059

On the other hand, I wanted to try the milky shades which weren’t that translucent and its 2 coats would be enough to give it a finished look. I tried a few nude shades but then my eyes spotted the “Tart Deco” nail color which forced me to get my nails done with it there and then. I have always thought that these milky shades might make my skin look dull and dark but when I experimented, the case was completely opposite.


“Tart Deco” is a nice milky peach shade which gave a natural look to my skin color and was something lovable. It’s a nail color which I can wear to office in my formal dress code without any hesitation due to its subtle hue.

I wore this on my convocation event.


There’s one last thing which I’d want to share with my readers; Essie has a long lasting nature and is famous for sustaining the nail color. I strongly recommend opting for an Essie manicure from a partnered salon as their base coat and top coats are really effective and they make the nail chipping near to zero which the nail color can’t do alone. If you think that the nail color application might be too expensive, then you could buy one and take that to the salon or you can buy their base coats and top coats from the salons only. Just so, everyone knows “Essie” is a salon product and is only sold by their partnered salons.